Brexit minister calls for 'common sense' from European Union over NI Protocol

Cornelia Mascio
Giugno 9, 2021

Writing in the Washington Post ahead of his trip at the end of this week, Mr Biden said: 'In the United Kingdom, after meeting with prime minister Boris Johnson to affirm the special relationship between our nations, I will participate in the G7 summit.

'This group of leading democracies and economies has not met in person in two years due to the coronavirus.

According to The Times, Mr Biden will also make clear that he sees the protocol as a crucial part of maintaining peace in Northern Ireland - suggesting that a trade deal with the U.S. would be at risk if it is not honoured.

However, he could also deliver a message to Brussels that they must be more "flexible" and less "bureaucratic".

But it is sowing discontent in the province, particularly among unionists, who see port checks on British imports as a threat to Northern Ireland's status as part of the UK.

The row centres on European Union fears that goods from Northern Ireland may enter the single market.

The onus is on the fulfill its obligations on the Brexit agreement's Northern Ireland Protocol or face a much more confrontational future, said the official, who said European Union experts still did not have access to the most basic IT systems to determine what goods are moving where, and thus assess risks linked to plant and animal health.

It said Biden views the pact as an "integral part" of maintaining long-term peace in Northern Ireland and will also warn Johnson that his hopes for a USA trade deal will be damaged if the fraying situation is not settled. But Frost said compromise is needed to make this a reality.

"Businesses in Great Britain are choosing not to sell their goods into Northern Ireland because of burdensome paperwork, medicine manufacturers are threatening to cut vital supplies, and chilled meats from British farmers destined for the Northern Ireland market are at risk of being banned entirely", he said.

"We need to stand back, de-politicise this and deal with it as a technical trading issue and get the outstanding issues resolved".

"The NI Retail Consortium has warned that when the grace period ends in October, supermarkets will face 'real, severe problems"'.

He said that despite putting together "a range of policy papers" outlining solutions, the United Kingdom had received "very little back" from Brussels counterparts.

New DUP leader Edwin Poots said: "The Northern Ireland Protocol is bad for business in Northern Ireland and it is bad for every one of our citizens".

"Those who argued the Protocol was a "win win" are as silent on that as they are about their demands for "rigorous implementation".

"It is only by making substantial progress across the whole range of difficulties that we can show people in Northern Ireland that the protocol can work in a pragmatic, proportionate and sustainable way - as was always intended".

"Animals with full traceability pose no threat to the Single Market yet centuries of trade is being strangled in its name".

'It is equally absurd that it took my intervention to prevent checks on pets and guide dogs for diseases that have not been found in the British Isles since 1922.

"The delivery of the Protocol as proposed when the grace periods end with 15,000 checks per week, will be impossible".

"We do not have the infrastructure or staff to do it".

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