Apple brings FaceTime to Android and Windows (via the web)

Brunilde Fioravanti
Giugno 8, 2021

The annual Apple developer conference, WWDC 2021, kicks off today.

Future updates to iOS will be offered as two options, letting users choose to gain all the new features in iOS 15 or exclusively security updates on iOS 14. The company has also added voice isolation which ensures that the microphone prioritizes the user's voice during a call and reduces distracting background noises. "Apple does not have access to this information when a user chooses to share it with a loved one or doctor", the company says.

Taking a page out of Zoom's playbook, Apple is bringing support for inviting anyone to a FaceTime video call via a link. First, let's talk about the Notification Summary. iOS 15 will automatically generate a helpful summary of all the non-time-critical notifications you've received and provide it in an easy-to-browse layout at any specified time of day. iOS 15 will use on-device intelligence to arrange the summary so that the most important notifications show up at the top. Apple says that at launch, multiple apps will work with SharePlay such as Disney+, Hulu, TikTok, NBA, ESPN+, Twitch, PlutoTV, and several others.

Health-related updates in iOS 15 will provide iPhone users a view into the health stats of other iOS users. With Work or Personal enabled, you'll see notifications specific to those profiles (and, of course, you'll be able to customise which apps are categorised as either Work or Personal).

If you want to give your doctor a peek at your stats, iOS 15 will let you share things like heart rate, detected falls, hours of sleep, or exercise minutes.

You can also search your photos directly from the Spotlight screen, and Apple's photo memories will add Apple Music tracks to its AI-generated videos for a more professional gloss.

Apple hasn't yet detailed when iOS 15 will be publicly available, but traditionally the new version of iOS rolls out alongside new iPhones in spring.

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