UK's Johnson says tiered restrictions to replace England’s Covid-19 lockdown

Rodiano Bonacci
Novembre 24, 2020

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed the government's latest set of measures created to limit the spread of Covid-19 on Monday, offering a look at what the plan will be for football supporters going forward.

Bringing grassroots sport back was my number one priority so I'm pleased we are reopening sports and gyms in every tier, in recognition of the significant health benefits.

"We are not going to replace national measures with a free-for-all", Johnson said, confirming that the new tiered system would be tougher than that seen in England before the national lockdown.

It is shaping up to be a major week in the UK's fight against the coronavirus, with Prime Minister Johnson also set to make two major announcements on the country's testing regime.

England will face tiered coronavirus restrictions until the end of March, despite the latest successful vaccine trials and rapid tests presenting a "route out of the pandemic".

Mr Johnson also welcomed Monday's announcement by AstraZeneca that its COVID-19 vaccine developed alongside the University of Oxford can be up to 90 per cent effective.

- In Tier 2, alcohol may only be served in hospitality settings as part of a substantial meal. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a speech virtually beamed into the House of Commons that, unfortunately, he expects "more regions will form into the higher tiers than before", though tabloid reports are suggesting that the capital will be in the middle tier.

The 10pm curfew will be relaxed, with last orders now closed at that time and premises ordered to shut at 11pm.

"But without sensible precautions, we would risk the virus escalating into a winter or New Year surge". Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all have their own restrictions.

"What we don't want is to throw caution to the wind and allow the virus to flare up again", he added.

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Covid-19 alert system in England

Keir Starmer, leader of the opposition Labour Party which urged Johnson to implement a national lockdown earlier, said a return to the tiered system that preceded it was "risky".

He warned that it is "not the moment to let the virus rip for the sake of Christmas parties", saying: "Tis the season to be jolly, but it is also the season to be jolly careful, especially with elderly relatives".

Mr Johnson said "the scientific cavalry is now in sight", and breakthroughs in mass testing and vaccines should eliminate the need for lockdowns by the spring.

"I'm acutely conscious that no other peacetime PM has asked so much of the British people", the United Kingdom prime minister said.

Despite the support for vaccination as a solution to the crisis, Johnson said that the government will not force people to have vaccinations against COVID-19.

"But the next few weeks and months will for many feel like purgatory - stuck in limbo between a national lockdown and a new normal".

"They are killing Christmas and beyond for many businesses and their customers who look forward to, and rely on, venues being open at this time of year", said Kate Nicholls, of trade body UKHospitality.

"Sadly, for many staff, it will be a Christmas out of work".

Initially, more counties are expected to be ranked in "tougher" tiers before being able to work their way down as infection rates drop.

At the weekend, the Westminster government said plans were being made to allow limited household mixing for several days over the Christmas period.

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