No Man’s Sky Update 3.0 Drops Today, Updates Entire Universe

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Settembre 24, 2020

Today developer Hello Games caps off 2020 with Origins, a massive update that adds billions of new planets to discover, ups the diversity of flora and fauna, adds new weather systems and dramatic terrain types, and basically changes everything.

Origins will feature a lot of new planets. The game now has huge sandworms - like in Dune - that are quite terrifying.

This game looks pretty damn good. They have been replaced with a new, smaller number of materials.

When No Man's Sky originally released in 2016, it was subject to harsh criticism due to a perceived gap between the game's appearance in marketing and how it actually looked on launch. Players will also have to contend with new weather and other atmospheric events.

"It's taken us a while to figure out how best to do it and how to make it work".

No Man's Sky
New World

Like many things in No Man's Sky, it's all going to be random. They've built bases on it. "The more popular the game has become, the more people who've played it, the more hard it is for us to go change some of the fundamentals", Murray said. And it's not even limited to the new planets either.

If you see cloud coverage over a planet in space, if you go down into the planet you'll see the same cloud coverage that you saw from space, which means there is now more variety between clear skies and planets that are overcast.

Since the list of changes and new content really is enormous, you can head over to the game's official website to read the full list of patch notes.

"Black market traders, piloting their ships across planets, will now sometimes land on the planetary surface". That was one of the many "broken promises" for which the original game was condemned by some of the fans, so its presence here is another circle that closes in pursuit of the greatness of an essential title for lovers of the special games. Have you played No Man's Sky before?

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