Ellen DeGeneres apologises over toxic workplace allegations

Brunilde Fioravanti
Settembre 24, 2020

It was reported in July that The Ellen DeGeneres Show had become the subject of an internal investigation over allegations that it was a toxic workplace.

DeGeneres had returned to her California studio for Monday's premiere, with a virtual audience on rows of screens due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ellen DeGeneres acknowledged her position and privilege to look upon the matter and be responsible about it.

The 62-year-old TV personality was trending immediately after her return episode, kicking off the new season with an apology, addressing the complaints made during the summer with a touch of comedy, and making some of the viewers and former staff uncomfortable.

The long-time talk show host started her almost five-minute intro by telling her viewers,"If you're watching because you love me, thank you".

In the seven-minute opener, DeGeneres apologized said she is "taking responsibility for what happens at my show", and announced a supposed "new chapter" of "Ellen".

"Her brows would pucker and steeple at some points but the next she would turn sideways-on to her audience with a knowing eye glance and smile". She's acting like it was something she said in passing that just stuck with her.

Ellen DeGeneres
Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres apologises over toxic workplace allegations

Judi added: "Perhaps her strongest gesture, when she stated she was 'work in progress, ' was a hand-chop, with one hand chopping into the palm of the other to suggest decisive action".

Judi told how it was non-verbal signs which confirmed the anchor's apparent "awkwardness".

The host also appeared to break down during her first show back when pal Tiffany Haddish said she supported her 110 percent.

DeGeneres circulated her monologue online, though many social media users mocked her - the line "I am a work in progress" was particularly skewered - saying her words rang hollow.

"That's not true, Ellen, and I resent my wife for lying that I put my gastronomic needs ahead of her needs", the 30 Rock star joked, before pulling Hilaria into the frame of the chat alongside him. I get frustrated. I get impatient.

The thing is, for all of her uh, unique quirks and demanding requests as a boss, Ellen supposedly never wanted anyone to think she was actually a nasty person! And I am working on all of that. "These were people that Ellen was spending her time with when she was at the show".

The reports led to the firing of some producers in "The Ellen Show", but people were still in range because they said, Ellen was one of the problems too.

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