McConnell ally won’t rule out pre-election Supreme Court nominee vote

Modesto Morganelli
Settembre 23, 2020

From gun and voting rights to the Obama-era Affordable Care Act, several social issues elbowed out of the United States election season due to the coronavirus pandemic and racial unrest are now expected to come to the forefront following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the pledge by Senate Republicans to vote on her replacement before the November 3 polls.

"I will be putting forth a nominee next week. We will have a nominee very soon", he said, adding that there were about 45 people on his list, but he does have a "short list" for potential nominees.

The president confirmed as much on Saturday when he told supporters at a rally in North Carolina he expects to nominate a woman to the seat. I could say most likely it would be a woman.

Renee-Lauren Ellis, a Washington, D.C. -area attorney, says, "It's dire that something as fundamental as what I do with my body is up for debate still, in 2020".

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is being called a resolute champion for justice and a trailblazer for women's rights by U-S senator Kirsten Gillibrand of NY.

With conservatives jockeying to create a six-to-three majority in the highest court in the land, the coming weeks are also set to bring new urgency to the ever-contentious battle over abortion.

When pressed several times, Mr Cotton did not guarantee a vote before 3 November, but he did note there have been times in USA history when a Supreme Court confirmation process took fewer than the 44 days remaining before Election Day. That means if enough Republican senators say they oppose a quick vote, a Democratic-run Senate could inherit a Trump nominee. "There's been many occasions where frankly it turned out to be during a presidential year", he told reporters.

With the GOP controlling the Senate 53-47, Democrats must include four Republicans in their coalition to block a Trump-nominated justice if their entire caucus also chooses to vote against the nominee. The crowd cheered loudly for a female candidate.

"That's a very accurate poll (crowd reaction) because that's the way I feel".

"She was only different as I never anticipated she would become, later in her life, a cultural icon and we'd all be doing her exercise routine", he said. "I don't think it can be any more clear, can it?"

Former President Bill Clinton on Sunday dinged President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for vowing to press forward on filling the Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Justice Ginsberg was the senior liberal on the nine-member court.

"Voters should pick the President and the President should pick the justice to consider", the former vice president said.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are still seething over the Republican Senate's refusal to act on a Supreme Court nominee from then-president Barack Obama in 2016. In the speech, he said, "once the political season is under way, and it is, action on a Supreme Court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over".

"Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought to the end, through her cancer, with unwavering faith in our democracy and its ideals".

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